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Importing And Exporting Goods

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Importing And Exporting Goods

Shoshan Trading works as an international agent capable of providing a broader portfolio of products to the companies that need expand their portfolio of import and/or export goods.

We add value for our trading suppliers and partners through the operative, logistic, legal and customs support in international operations.

Shoshan Trading understand the needs and options of business support for the several business models.

In this way, we have built an ecosystem in which options to support and backing the businesses become available within the market, which are able to generate better opportunities both locally and internationally.

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Our history embraces decades of experience

The team of Shoshan Trading has accumulated administrative and legal experience in several countries which allows them to keep the safety and regulation of each trade activity (imports, exports, distribution).

It’s not in vain that we have added a numerous group of
trading suppliers and partners on an international level.

We have several production partners and a widespread network that meets the markets standards in Asia, Europe, and America.

We generate value for our suppliers and business partners through logistical and legal support, of which we have experience. We have extensive commercialization knowledge in more than 50 countries.

We support the growth of entrepreneurs, we ensure the business cycle of large companies and we accompany in the management and financing of expansion activities, all backed by the knowledge acquired in our history.

We have financing schemes and immediate liquidity methods that ensure the acquisition of new clients or the friendly maintenance of financial agreements with suppliers, partners and clients.

Our range of products are composed by grains and beans, cereals, oils and fat, flours, pastas, sugar, products based on tomato, canned and bottled products.