Aging of the wine what is this process

Aging of the wine: what is this process?

Every wine lover knows that time is a decisive factor in the flavor of a broth. A period that is responsible, in short, to refine or finish rounding your personality. But, going a step beyond all those phrases, quotes, and

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Cross-docking what is it, types and advantages

Cross-docking: what is it, types and advantages

Cross-docking is a logistics technique where storage time is non-existent or very limited. As we know, cross-docking allows us to reduce time and costs, how is it possible? All you have to do is transfer shipments from the means of

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Wine labels why are they so important

Wine labels: why are they so important?

On the wine labels, we can find angels, beautiful Argentine or Italian mountains; hidden stories in them, and these labels can help you find the wine you are looking for in your favorite store. For the world of wine to

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Wine bottles shapes and colors

Wine bottles: shapes and colors

The types of wine bottles that we can find in the market are very different depending on the criteria or characteristics we serve. Thus, the bottles could be classified according to the capacity or size, shape, content, glass, color. Therefore,

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Bill of Lading functions and items

Bill of Lading: functions and items

The bill of lading is a standardized international transport contract that contains the general declaration of the transported goods. This document is an instrument used to verify the receipt and delivery of the merchandise transferred by a carrier. There, the

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