FEV and CECRV met to discuss the wine industry

FEV and CECRV met to discuss the wine industry

FEV and CECRV meet to analyze key issues in the sector and explore avenues for collaboration.

The Spanish Wine Federation (FEV) and the Spanish Conference of Wine Regulatory Councils (CECRV) have held a formal meeting to analyze current issues in the sector and to deepen collaboration between both organizations for the benefit of the sector as a whole.

The meeting, headed by the presidents of FEV, Emilio Restoy, and CECRV, David Palacios, has served to address some key issues such as the situation of the sector in the face of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the drop in consumption due to the general closure of the hotel industry in much of the country and the drastic fall in tourism, as well as the package of extraordinary measures to support the sector approved by the Government in 2020 and its possible continuity this year, without this implying a reduction of the measures included in the PASVE (Program to Support the Wine Sector).

Topics of the FEV and CECRV meeting

One of the key topics of the meeting was the need for the whole sector to act together in defense of moderate wine consumption and responsible communication, relying on organizations such as the Interprofessional del Vino de España and the Fundación para la Investigación del Vino y la Nutrición (FIVIN), to continue to publicize scientific evidence in the field of wine and health with rigor and seriousness. In this sense, the FEV has made a call to deepen the commitment of wineries and regulatory councils with the Wine in Moderation movement, to promote a sustainable wine culture also in terms of consumption.

Both organizations have also agreed that it is essential that the wine sector is considered by the Government as a recipient of European recovery funds for the Spanish economy and that these reach all operators, mostly small and medium-sized companies, contributing to the development future of the sector on key issues such as sustainability, digitization or administrative simplification, among other issues.

Finally, the president of the CECRV has informed the winery management about some details of the agreement signed last October by this organization with the Civil Guard in the fight against fraud, which includes training, communication, and exchange of information actions. information aimed at intensifying control and avoiding situations that harm the image or value of DO wine in Spain.

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