We know that no country is 100% self-sufficient, therefore, the international trade arises as an enhancement mechanism with which the countries may be empowered and grow with qualities and products of other countries. Nonetheless, the common interests outgrow the geographical constraints and Shoshan Trading has been a fundamental part of the global trade.

Shoshan Trading was founded in 2019 with a strategic vision for its positioning in the countries with which there is a clear trading relationship defined by import and export routs which we have successfully enter. We started providing sustainability and consistency to the products traded under the different regulations and protocols. With an initial operational structure we focus on intermediating, managing and procurement as broker of foods.

These lead us to join the Holding Grupo G&S; our gen mutated and today we portray ourselves as a financial force. We have structured an operative-financial model that has been used by several companies for their continuity and expansion. Currently, we represent the mean to empower the trading levels of our market segments with global projection.

Shoshan Trading act as a guarantee in the commodity negotiations, a concept that has evolved to refer to every good that for its fundamental and negotiable value allows is trading from different views. Our mission and offer are ensuring the trading cycle of small, medium and large companies: from operative and legal consultation to the management, financing and economical representation. With our incorporation into the Holding Grupo G&S we extended our scope serving your previous and new customers. That’s how safe we are!

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