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Logistics: All you need to know

Logistics are all the means and methods related to the flow of inputs or raw materials from their origin to the final product, that is, the management of loading and unloading of production materials.

Storage and transportation are also part of this process since they serve as a link between producers and consumers who are separated by time and space.

In other words, logistics is the obtaining channel for any product or service necessary in the elaboration of something. It can be commercial, military, political, among others.

Origin of logistics

Logistics was created due to the need to have all the supplies at hand for the course of daily life, but what happened in ancient times was that food was only transferred by family members.

The transfer mechanisms were baskets, buckets, or any surface that allowed the movement of food, but the long trajectories with the weight of the food were difficult, so the villages were built a few kilometers from the crops.

However, its origin was the product of optimization of activities that over time incorporated transfer and storage mechanisms for a better experience.


The types are linked to company logistics, defined as one that seeks the most favorable means to provide companies with all inputs and forms of storage and organizations.

Supply logistics: is in charge of covering all the inputs and operational factors of the stores.

Distribution logistics: Based on its budgets and objectives, each institution will stipulate a way to distribute the goods traded as well as those requested by the final consumer, who is the one who receives the shipment.

Production logistics: It is the one that is handled internally, its controls are only limited within a company. Usually, it is used to generate better results since being directly linked to the company can have better decision-making and greater details of supplies, storage, and transfer.

Reverse logistics: It is one where the process is carried out in reverse, the company ensures the return of the merchandise. Some companies, to minimize errors and delays, prefer to go and collect the merchandise and therefore attend the facilities of their suppliers and take care of the packaging, costs, transportation, among other variables.


Logistics is very important because the operation of organizations or companies will depend on it so that they have the raw material and can produce their products.

This process is part of a time optimizer for customers, by taking care of the procedures, planning of departure and delivery helps in reducing prices and increasing quality.

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