We have several suppliers internationally with whom we sell edible oils. We are leaders in the import and distribution of oils, we handle high demand volumes for our customers.

We work with proven and proven oil with high quality processing standards, having Raw Soybean Oil, Refined Soybean Oil, Raw Sunflower Oil, Refined Sunflower Oil, Raw Corn Oil, Refined Corn Oil.

Palm Oil

We offer high quality tropical palm oil from small and medium producers in South America and Asia, which have thousands of hectares of land planted and suitable for exploitation.

We take care that our products have good sustainable agricultural practices such as improved land use, increased quality and quantity of crops and promotion of safe and efficient work practices.

Palm oil can be used for food and in the non-food sector:

  • In food: Cooking (cooking oil), butter, margarine and baking fats (special fats).
  • In the non-food sector: Personal care in the production of soaps, detergents and emetics; functional products for pharmaceutical products; biofuel (biodiesel) and oleochemicals, that is, as a substitute for petrochemicals (rubbers). In addition, palm-based fatty acids can be used directly or indirectly in products such as candles (palm wax).


The production of our margarine is backed by a high quality process, with the implementation of the latest technology equipment from international suppliers of global scale.

In this process, hygiene and human intervention are taken care of in order to obtain a high quality hygienic margarine, with unique texture and flavor. Within our business model we can offer it in bulk for processing and obtaining other types of fats associated with human food.