Shoshan Trading aims reaching every country in the world by providing all the services needed by the customers and suppliers to carry out trading operations that goes from logistic, distribution and custom operations to finding financial solutions to process them. Trust is our reach Commitment and responsibility are the basis of our philosophy, supporting in part our extensive experience in logistics, customs, financial protocols and business management.


The key goal of Shoshan Trading is to become the  number one commodity trading company worldwide, hence, we are looking to expand our business alliances with traders all over the world to increase our variety of  products and also with customers globally to whom we can offer the portfolio of products we work with.

Trust is our reach

Commitment and responsibility  are the basis of our philosophy,  supporting in part our extensive  experience in logistics, customs,  financial protocols and business  management.

Our Business Model

We develop and promote commercial business models with a focus on business profitability. Once you know us, you’ll realize that we are the ideal partner to create, define and generate sustainable business with special attention to the social impact.

Our Culture

We characterized for being entrepreneurs, our culture and family have left a legacy oriented to the development of a business and operational mentality which leads us to combine our experience and ambition to work towards establishing profitable relationships over time.

Our Purpose

To establish long-lasting strategic relationships with merchants and companies in the field that allows the supply of first-class products in the European, Asian, and American markets.