At Shoshan Trading we perceive ourselves as a cell, as a network made up of partners who support the management and exercise of our work. We maintain specialized areas under the supervision and control of independent external entities, which in turn are part of our commercial and negotiation team.

We are strategic D&B allies with whom we maintain a strategic relationship as preferred partners, we form an international Intranet Working with more than 400’mm companies worldwide.

We comply with the most demanding compliance processes, being part of our management strategy, with a view to reviewing internal structures; which gives us maximum efficiency in the demands of the global market.

We do world check to ensure the integrity of our clients and associates, allowing us to make a thorough risk assessment in operations with our clients.

We have the support of the international firm KPMG, who is our financial and process audit partner, with a strategic focus on good administrative practices that protect the business.

For two decades, the team that today forms the organizational structure of Shoshan Trading has participated in negotiations with large companies such as Bunge, JBS, RiceCo, Pasticio Paone, Interra, among others.

That they have given us the track record and confidence as a business, opening the door for us throughout the globe to continue with the financial development of our company and other companies in the process of growth.

Years of experience
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