Personalized wine tastings during the quarantine

Personalized wine tastings during the quarantine

The world of wine has adapted to the pandemic and offers new services that are increasingly personalized to each need, combining the use of technology to share new experiences in the world of wine. One of the proposals that are here to stay is that of personalized tastings.

The proposal that is already used in countries in Europe, Asia, or North America, arises in 2020 as a new form of interaction in the midst of the pandemic, the renewed offer of services for wine lovers adapts to the current context.

In its recent launch,, a site that seeks to lead the online sale of Argentine wines, has come out “into the world” with one of the most complete winery catalogs in the country. In addition, it offers the option of contracting the personalized and online tasting service.

Some of the services that are most popular around the world are:

Online tastings

Online tastings are a trend that is already in use in the world and that is a new trend ready to stay. It encourages sharing the culture of wine through digital interactions.

Selected and award-winning wines arrive at your door in a beautiful box accompanied by a delicatessen. On a specific day and time, the prepared sommelier will guide your experience to share the enjoyment of them. An experience that takes place with a small group of connected users and with the same shared passion.

Private Tasting

Private tastings are an option that gives a beautiful experience to small group events that have adequate space and whose group shares the same passion for wine. In this way, the catering service and sommelier prepare to receive the guests and allow them to enjoy a wonderful experience tasting the most awarded wines.

Personalized Tasting

Many times necessity and ingenuity propose new challenges for those wine entrepreneurs. Therefore, for those who want personalized service, there is a contact form and a WhatsApp chat service to respond to the specific demand.

Wine tasting for small groups

The last and most classic option that wine consumers have is to book an appointment and tasting at the winery, with the most renowned chefs, winemakers, and sommeliers available. For this, many specialized pages that work with the wineries of each country, offer the best options according to the budget of each person or group.

All experiences are designed for wine lovers, have you tried any?

Source: Vinetur

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