Raboso Wine characteristics and history

Raboso Wine: characteristics and history

Raboso wine is made from the grape that bears the same name. The raboso grape is a very old red grape variety with marked acidity.

This grape is native to the Veneto region. There it is known as Raboso Piave and, descending directly from this variety, we find the Raboso Veronese.

What is Raboso wine?

Some say that the untamed and tough character of this wine is a reflection of the people who live in this region of eastern Veneto, near the Piave River.

The Raboso vineyard is capable of withstanding the adversities of the area, and that is why it has come down to us stronger than ever.

This has meant the passage of this variety from the table of local workers to the most prestigious restaurants.

This wine is alien to fashion; it has a powerful character of its own with deep roots in the history of its land.


The raboso wine is a wine with excellent acidity that presents long-lasting and rustic tannins. This provides very authentic wines, ideal for those who seek terroir in its purest form, as this wine stands out precisely for that, because it reflects the properties of the land in which its grapes are grown.

Among the varieties of raboso wine, we find dry reds under the D.O. C. Piave, which are wines aged in barrels that provide a high impact of acidity and tannins.

Within this variety is the D. O. C. G. Malanotte, which presents a mixture of fresh grapes with raisins aged in wood.

These Malanotte wines, unlike those of the classic Piave appellation, are more friendly and enveloping.

The raboso vine has a large, winged and long raceme. It is composed of berries with thick bluish-black skin and medium size. Its flavor is somewhat sweet but harsh on the finish.

The intense ruby ​​red color and the aromas of red fruits and berries are characteristic of the wines made with this grape.

It is an ideal wine to pair with game meats, red meats, aged cheeses and grills. It also accompanies risottos very well thanks to its acidity and tannic taste.

It’s also a wine made from late-ripening and flowering vines, with a high aromatic potential and a medium-high alcoholic strength.

History of the Raboso wine name

There are several possibilities as to the origin of the name of the raboso wine.

On the one hand, it can refer to a tributary of the river Piave, although, on the other hand, there are those who maintain that the Venetian name “rabbioso” is due to its indomitable attitude and its strongly acid taste.

Despite being the raboso grape one of the least known, it is, after the corvina, the native variety of red grape most representative of the Veneto area.

To be more exact, this variety corresponds specifically to the eastern part of the region, the Plain du Piave, to which the hills overlooking the Alps give way.

This plain of the Piave descends directly towards the Venetian lagoon. It is an area where the rain is frequent and abundant and the soil is alluvial, so the grapes grown there are rustic and resistant.

For this reason, this variety of grape is one of those that has a later maturation, which becomes a more robust and concentrated variety.

Did you know about the existence of Raboso wine?

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