Singapore businesses to adopt SafeEntry security system

Starting next May 12, all Singapore businesses must adopt the SafeEntry security system which requires all citizens entering an establishment to sign in and out of the venue.

The measure announced by the government is designed to enhance the national tracking system to prevent further spread of Convid-19 and to recover the country’s economic activity.

All companies in the country are obliged to implement the use of the technological tool; for those that already have a current access control system, the government demands them to implement SafeEntry over their existing system. Likewise, its application is compulsory in public places and shopping malls.

The application was launched on April 23 and by the time it closed it was already active in more than 2,100 businesses.

Despite being developed by GovTech, the same agency that created TraceTogether, there are some differences. Currently the code has not been released and SafeEntry is mandatory. For the tracking application, the creators are working to implement the protocol of Apple and Google and thus expand its compatibility.

How does the app work?

The QR code scanner appears on the main screen

You must indicate if you are leaving or entering a local.

Indicate the name, passport number or NRIC and mobile phone.

The use of this type of application maintains an open debate in the community about privacy since each trip is recorded, hence, many citizens warn that this data can be used for espionage or monitoring purposes. However, the authorities indicated that there are strict measures to safeguard the records in accordance with the Government’s data security standards.

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