Singapore FinTech Festival: A world event

Singapore FinTech Festival x SWITCH 2020 is a key event that will connect the world through physical and digital experiences.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore and Enterprice Singapore announced that this year’s festival will be expanded in several cities around the globe, so that people can attend key physical locations and thus connect with the experience.

This initiative will allow global communities of advanced and cutting edge technologies to participate in the event amid the limitations of international travels due to the pandemic.

A physical and digital experience

The festival will feature a hybrid experience that will connect a city with various physical locations around the world.

The activities will be focused on the commercial area to promote sales cycles, discover partnerships and generate investments.

This year’s festival will provide each participating organization with a digital location where they can share and interact with the participants.

Exhibitors will be able to present innovative technologies such as Fintech, smart cities, urban solutions, commerce and connectivity, artificial intelligence and 5G, among others.

Festival participants will be able to go to physical events in each city to establish contacts with local governments and industry leaders.

For five continuous days, live broadcasts will be held 24 hours a day, with the speakers leading the industry in the world, where they will be able to share points of view on topics such as financial inclusion, green technologies and sustainability.

A challenge against the Covid-19

The spread of Covid-19 has highlighted the need to increase efforts and technological capacity to overcome the challenges facing the world.

Under the slogan “People and Talent” it will honor people who show an ability to overcome obstacles to create new opportunities to advance in society.

It will also highlight the pioneers who have made a difference, as well as rising stars with the potential to transform global industries.

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