Singapore partially revives its economy despite Covid-19 outbreak

The Singapore government partially relaxed measures that prevented citizens from accessing businesses such as hairdressers, bakeries, department stores, among other places.

This decision comes despite the increment of Covid-19 cases contagion among foreign workers who were staying in crowded places; the government maintains that the outbreak has decreased in the local community and plans the revival on a scale of the entire national economy.

Among the businesses that were able to open their doors in this stage of partial revival of the economy are barber shops, hairdressers, shops, food producers, as well as laundries.

Some of those businesses will only be able to function under scheduled appointments and under strict sanitary security measures to prevent an expansion of the virus.

At the same time the officials reminded the country’s merchants to use the SafeEntry technological tool that works as a current access control system to commercial premises and indicating to the citizens to maintain the use of the masks and avoid Exit unless necessary while traders remain expectant around this new phase that seeks to partially activate the Asian country’s economy.

“It is a little messy because we suddenly received the notification on very short notice … but we tried to make it work with all the security measures,” said Chow Siew Yong, owner of a Chinese medicine practice.

Meanwhile, 24,671 infections are registered today; the highest number in Asia after China, India and Pakistan. However, with 21 deaths it has a low mortality rate. Approximately 90% of the cases are linked to dormitories of foreign workers who have been quarantined while the tests continue.