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Air cargo transport: advantages and disadvantages

Air cargo transport is that activity that allows the transfer of goods from one country to another, using a means of transport called aircraft, either to travel long distances or to make flights in the shortest possible time; maintaining the corresponding security conditions.

The characteristic that best defines this mode of transport is that it does not need a track on the surface during its entire journey, only at the beginning and at the end. It also differs from other modes of transport in the fact that it has no physical barriers.

Today we will learn about other characteristics of air cargo transport, in addition to its advantages and disadvantages.

Characteristics of air cargo transport

One of the biggest characteristics is how different cargo planes are from commercial jets.

Cargo aircraft are often equipped with larger doors to facilitate loading and unloading. Although in many cases cargo is transported in mixed aircraft, which are commercial aircraft that transport both passengers and goods, cargo planes that are exclusively dedicated to transporting goods have certain characteristics that improve their functionality:

  • Wider fuselage than commercial or mixed aircraft to increase cargo volume and allow entry of bulky cargo.
  • Uses a large number of wheels to enable landing on unprepared or optimized runways.
  • Position of the wing at a higher height to allow the entry of goods also from the rear.
  • They have several merchandise entry doors to facilitate their access and the optimal arrangement of loads.

Advantages of air cargo transport

  • Speed: it is the fastest mode of transport that exists and, therefore, it is especially recommended when time is an important factor.
  • There are no physical barriers: thanks to this it is possible to make a journey without interruption choosing the shortest and most direct route through seas, mountains.
  • Easy access: air transport can transport goods to areas that are not easily accessible by other means of transport.
  • Ideal: it is suitable for transporting perishable or high-value goods over long distances.


  • Very expensive: it is the most expensive means of transport.
  • Uncertain: air transport is conditioned, to a large extent, by weather conditions. Snow, rain, fog, etc., can cause cancellation of scheduled flights and suspension of air service.
  • Not suitable for cheap and high volume merchandise: due to its limited capacity and high cost.
  • Legal restrictions: many countries have legal restrictions in the interest of your own safety.

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