Singapore will monitor social distancing measures with drones

The government of Singapore combined with the police authorities will launch the use of drones to ensure the compliance of social distancing measures.

Singapore continues facing the covid-19 pandemic, the city-state is committed to the use of technology to control its spread.

Now it is the turn of surveillance from the air with drones, the government announced the implementation of the devices to control social distancing in public spaces.

Thus, the police authorities will use the air vehicles to detect any anomaly on public roads.

The drones are provided by the Israeli firm Airobotics, they are designed to detect large concentrations and send an alert in real time.

“Unlike the models controlled by operators, this system allows to cover large areas in an automated way and with a better cost-benefit ratio for police surveillance tasks,” said the members of the Science and Technology Agency Local Team.

How do drones work?

The drone system is based on a box that immediately changes the batteries without requiring human intervention for this process.

This allows it to increase its flight hours.

Airobotics drones are equipped with a camera that allows identifying if there is an agglomeration of people.

The vehicle sends an immediate alert if it detects any abnormal activity, as well as the location in real time.

These Airobotics drones have a weight of 10 kg.

Thereby, Singapore plans to reinforce the various measures of social distancing in order to control the rate of infections in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Singaporean authorities to implement tracking device for travelers

Singaporean authorities reported that starting next August 10, returning travelers must use a tracking device for 14 days.

Singapore authorities increase control measures, starting next August 10, travelers entering the city-state must use a monitoring device for 14 days.

The information was made public through a joint statement by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority and the Ministries of Manpower and Education.

Digital tools as a control measure?

This digital tool will allow immigration authorities to effectively control people entering the city-state and thus reduce the risk of Covid-19 spreading.

These electronic devices will be available to citizens, permanent residents, long-term job card holders and companions, children under 12 are excluded from the measure.

This control was previously carried out through text messages, phone calls or video calls.

How does the tracking device work?

After August 10, all travelers entering Singapore must use the tracking device for a 14 days’ period.

Citizens must activate it as soon as they arrive at his residence.

GPS and 4G or Bluetooth signals are used to determine if a person is within range of their place of residence.

“Any attempt to leave the place of residence or alter the electronic device will cause an alert to the authorities,” said the Singaporean authorities.

After the stay-home notice conclude, the device must be discarded or delivered, according to the instructions of the authorities.

Those who ignore the measure, tamper with or remove the device may be fined $10,000 or face up to 6 months in jail.

Finally, the authorities pointed out that the electronic device does not store any personal data, nor can it record video or audio, they also confirmed that the collected data is encrypted.