Oil palm biofuel biodiesel in tubes.

Palm oil: the biofuel of the future?

Biodiesel based on palm oil stands out among others. It has a high cetane number and high oxidation stability, which makes the product stable for more than six months.

Among the major issues and current problems facing the world are the high levels of pollution in large cities and the increase in acid rain, both derived from the indiscriminate and poorly planned use of fossil fuels for over a hundred years. Today, world oil reserves are scarce and its price is increasing.

These reasons have led to the search for fuels derived from renewable natural sources and with low environmental impact, among which those obtained using chemically transformed vegetable oils (methyl esters) as raw materials.

This makes palm oil and its derivatives an alternative as fuel and represents an opportunity for the country’s palm oil sector. It will make it possible to increase the internal consumption of it in each country and give it greater added value.

Studies and experiences from around the world show that as palm oil is a vegetable oil it is renewable and constitutes a favorable alternative to be used as fuel. Vegetable oils contain large amounts of carbon, which is one of the most important components of fuel.

Palm oil advances as a biofuel

Indonesia, which is the world’s largest exporter of this product, plans to finish research into biodiesel containing 40% palm oil by November

The country will implement the mandatory use of biodiesel containing 40% palm oil, known as B40, in July 2021 as it seeks to increase domestic use while slashing regular diesel imports.

The country previously scheduled a road test in April for B40, but that was delayed because of the coronavirus outbreak. The pandemic has also forced the research department to modify its testing methods.

They currently mandate biodiesel containing 30% of palm oil’s fatty acid methyl ester (FAME), the highest palm-based mix for biodiesel in the world.

Indonesia is testing two different formulations for the B40 fuel, one containing 40% of FAME, and the other containing a mix of 30% of FAME and 10% of a purer form of FAME, which has improved the quality needed in the fuel.

The fuels are tested on engines of passenger cars running for 1,000 hours.

MSE promotes Climate Action Week to raise awareness

Climate Action Week to raise awareness about the challenges posed by climate change has been taking place in Singapore since last Saturday.

Singapore’s Ministry of Sustainability and Environment (MSE) conducts Climate Action week to raise awareness of the “Existential Challenge”.

Since August 15, the agency has perform some activities in the city-state with the aim of raising awareness about the challenge by climate change.

Climate Action Week Activities

The activities began with an online talk on urban agriculture by Danielle Chan, a former student of the National University of Singapore and co-founder of the Citiponics agricultural company.

The initiative will run until August 21, among the activities will be held webinars, workshops and even a virtual concert.

Most of the events are taking place virtually and are open to the public.

This week of Climate Action will have the participation of 27 sponsors from the public and private sectors, among which are several schools and university colleges.

Companies such as the coffee producer Nespresso and non-governmental organizations such as the World Wide Fund for Nature in Singapore will also participate.

Companies such as the coffee producer Nespresso and non-governmental organizations such as the World Wide Fund for Nature in Singapore are Also participating.

Singapore maintains efforts

The Ministry of Sustainability and Environment of Singapore pointed out that the government will maintain efforts to face the consequences of climate change.

"The nation must press ahead with sustainability efforts even as it addresses the immediate problems posed by the Covid-19 pandemic," the agency said in its statement.
Sustainability and Environment Minister Grace Fu said in a Facebook post Saturday night: "A sustainable nation is resilient and we can all do our part in this long-term effort."

This is the second edition of the Climate Action Week that takes place in Singapore, the minister called on the public to cheer up and participate in the planned activities.