Authorities seek to expand job opportunities for Singaporeans

Singaporean authorities seek to expand job opportunities for Singaporeans through the Manpower Plan.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore supports the Manpower Plan promoted by the Ministry of Manpower that seeks to establish more job opportunities for Singaporeans.

This initiative establishes a salary increase qualifying for pass holders’ entry-level employment in the financial services sector.

The two organizations worked together to determine the new minimum wage for the financial services sector, which now ranks higher than the rest of the economy.

This initiative is developed with the aim of providing more support to the recruitment of Singaporeans in the financial services sector.

Job creation is maintained

Despite the current crisis, the sector has continued to create jobs, with a net increase of less than 1,500 jobs in the first half of the year.

Of this figure 4 out of 5 jobs for Singapore citizens.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore stated that, although job creation will be slower in the second half of the year, it could be frozen for the next.

This salary increase will allow financial institutions to complement their workforce, said Jacqueline Loh, Deputy Director of Markets and Development at MAS.

“The move toward higher salary criteria for PE candidates complements MAS’s workforce development programs to expand job opportunities and deepen local capabilities, Loh said.

In the same way, he pointed out that a high-quality workforce, with a solid core with specialized skills, will allow the Singaporean financial services system to compete internationally.

He stressed that it is necessary to take advantage of new growth opportunities as economies and global ones recover from the crisis generated by the pandemic.

Singapore propose a new law regulating the crypto industry

The Monetary Authority of Singapore is pushing for a new law that seeks to regulate transactions with crypto assets to all local companies that operate in the city-state, as well as abroad.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore announced a new law that will regulate cryptocurrency trading framed in FATF standards.

Under the name ¨ New Omnibus Law for the Financial Sector¨ the Monetary Authority of Singapore pretends to expand and change the regulatory framework that rules the sector in the city-state.

¨The provisions of the New Law will broaden the range of existing legislation, which already regulates most of the token services provided in Singapore, states the official MAS document.

The new law will include all local companies operating in the country, as well as those operating abroad.

The main objective of the regulation is to filter those companies that do not fulfill with the requirements established in the standards of the Financial Action Task Force.

Consequently, the local body intends to prohibit any company that is not framed within the new law from operating in Singapore.

New regulatory framework will be consulted

Thus, the Monetary Authority of Singapore prepared a consultation document, with the intention of presenting the ¨New Omnibus Law for the Financial Sector¨.

The document is 99 pages long and will be available for Singapore citizens until August 20th of this year.

In this way, citizens will be able to include all the opinions and considerations that they believe appropriate and necessary, so that they are taken into account when carrying out the final law.

Furthermore, the Monetary Authority of Singapore will be able to poll public opinion on the initiative.

In addition to this new law, Singapore is developing a multi-currency payment system on blockchain in cooperation with the firm Temasek.

At the same time, it also studies the possibilities and advantages of issuing a digital currency run by the Monetary Authority of Singapore itself.