Customs agencies foster a safer global trade

Due to the continues changes in the global economy, the international trade has become a primary activity to the economical grow and prosperity of any country. The world’s trade systems have changed significantly creating new methods for the purchase and sale of products that often require transportation from one continent to other.

The progressive increase in the international trade shows a prevailing need in the market of agents that provides advise, support and guarantees to those companies that needs to sell or buy a product somewhere else in the world but are unaware of the legal and logistic processes of this activity. Thus, several customs agencies appeared and, to a better understanding we will define it in this article.

Basically, the customs agency is the legal entity authorized to provide counseling services on customs matters focused on ensuring its users’ compliance of the legal regulations pertaining the import, export, customs transit and any operation or customs procedure intrinsic in such activities.

Therefore, a customs agency ensures the safe conditions so an entity may be able to trade a product or goods without further risks considering the legal regulations issued in the directives of the World Customs Organization (WCO).

Advantages of having a customs agency:

  • Endorse in the entire legal process of import and export.
  • Manage and facilitate the requirements needed prior to the dispatch/shipment or delivery of goods.
  • Provide counseling during the process of logistic management.
  • Promptness in the processes of dispatch/shipment and delivery of goods.
  • Decreases the operative costs.
  • Inspection and control of products.
  • Storage and distribution of goods.
  • Oversees the compliance of the international trade regulations.
  • Work with the authorities of each country to reduce tax evasion, smuggling and money laundering.

Obligations of the customs agencies:

All the advantages that the endorsement of a customs agency has to offer to your business or entity are based on the regulations of the WCO; among its responsibilities are:

  • Monitoring the services offered to the public.
  • Availability to provide services twenty four (24) hours.
  •  Integrated management of the logistic chain.
  • Authorization of the cargo inspections.
  • Declaration of goods.
  • System for the risk assessment of goods.
  • Previous electronic information.
  • Ongoing communication.
  • Assessment of the goods’ safety, among others.
  • Manage the transportation of the goods to the customs warehouse
  • Present before the customs authorities the necessary documentation to each process.

Due to the services provided by the customs agencies, the international trade activity currently can be performed safer and reliable; each day new private entities are added to the acquisition of this service securing their investment.

Now, therefore, considering the fundamental roll in the security and assistance of the global trade given by the customs agencies, ¿Have you evaluated the chance of getting this service for your company?