Maritime and Port Authority increases security levels

With the acquisition and commissioning of 6 new patrol units, the MAP increases the security of the Port.

The Port Authority of Singapore launched 6 new patrol units that will increase security levels of security.

The entity stated that its implementation seeks to improve its capabilities, increase the navigation safety and improve the marine environment protection in the port.

These new patrols are 17m long and are equipped with the Intelligent Maritime Port System that allows effective patrolling and a better response to emergencies.

“The patrol boats enhance our incident response capabilities and improve the operational effectiveness of our officers,” said Kevin Wong, MPA captain.

New patrols

The agency reported that the new units have the integration of data analysis with the surveillance, navigation and communication systems on board.

This improves the communication between the ship and the command centers as well as increases the knowledge the activities of the port inspectors.

They also highlighted that the patrols have new surveillance capabilities, such as multisensor marine thermal cameras, chemical gas detectors and drones.

Each unit also has a rescue boat equipped with a man overboard recovery system and small boat towing capabilities to support search and rescue operations.

The MAP is constantly exploring and adopting new technologies to meet operational needs and enhance the agency’s capabilities.