At Shoshan Trading we join the LinkedIn community

We expand our digital ecosystem by joining the LinkedIn social network with the aim of expanding our business and commercial relationships in a direct and reliable way.

At Shoshan Trading we continue to expand our digital ecosystem with our presence on LinkedIn.

Since last week we opened this new communication window on LinkedIn with the goal of boosting our commercial relations and our business.

So, if you want to know more about our services, job offers or make suggestions to our team, this is the perfect way for you to contact us.

The reasons?

Recently, social networks have grown too much, as LinkedIn is a platform where all conversations are related to the world of business, news and financial news, we consider it as a great alternative.

After carrying out several studies that demonstrate its reach and the proximity that it will provide us with our clients and future partners, we decided to take the step and expand our presence in the digital ecosystem.

We also believe that LinkedIn is an ideal platform to enhance our brand and thus continue to consolidate ourselves over time as a reliable business.

It is a network where we can show ourselves as we are, that will help us find good partners that will result in the expansion of our offer of products and services.

Where else are we present?

Besides LinkedIn, we are also on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, like @shoshantrading, we adapt our profile on each of these platforms to reach a wider audience in a segmented way.

What is Shoshan Trading?

We are a team with more than 20 years of international experience in the export and import of food products and we also have supported the development of producers and distributors.

Thanks to our knowledge, we have built alliances with different retailers and even support their development with different financial products that your company can also count on.