Bangkok, Thailand - February 18, 2020: Air travelers wearing masks walk through departures hall of Suvarnabhumi Airport. Thailand has been assessed as a country at risk of Covid-19 outside of China.

14 visitors have entered Singapore in September

The first 14 visitors from Brunei and New Zealand, travelling under Singapore’s partially eased border restrictions that apply to visitors from those countries, arrived here on Tuesday (Sept 8).

In an answer to media questions, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) said that five of the visitors had arrived from Brunei while the remaining nine were from New Zealand.

A total of 136 Air Travel Passes have been issued so far under the eased border arrangements, with 59 for travelers from Brunei and 77 for those coming from New Zealand.

CAAS said that travelers from the two countries may enter Singapore via the Air Travel Pass scheme because the coronavirus situation in both countries is “well under control and the risk of importation is low”.

CAAS said that visitors may apply for the single-entry Air Travel Pass between seven and 30 calendar days before their arrival in Singapore.

Visitors and students’ measures announcement

Last month, Singapore’s government announced that border measures will be eased and from past September 1 has been allowed to travel to Brunei and New Zealand.

These trips were for general purposes including leisure, as well as for students to travel overseas for studies.

At the same time, travellers entering Singapore and who have remained in either Brunei or New Zealand in the two weeks before their entry will not be required to serve a stay-home notice.

These short-term visitors must comply with the conditions of the pass. These include undergoing a Covid-19 test upon arrival at the airport instead of serving a stay-home notice, as well as downloading the TraceTogether moibile application for their entire period of stay.

These visitors, however, will be responsible for their own medical bills if they require treatment for Covid-19 while in Singapore, the Ministry of Health said last month.