Singapore universities join adoption of blockchain projects

Aiming to strengthen their internal systems and services, Singapore universities are adopting blockchain platforms.

China’s main digital bank WeBank, together with the OpenNodesblockchain platform, make in a strategic alliancewill promote a broad project of innovation and development of distributed ledger technology in the main universities of Singapore.

The purpose seeks to strengthen internal systems and promote better services,  seeking to stimulate research on blockchain technology for the country’s supply chains and financial sectors.

Blockchain and the next generation

The FISCO BCOS platform will organize training spaces with students from the University of Technology and Design, the Nanyang University of Technology and the Singapore Administration University.

“We seek to stimulate talents of the next generation to build viable solutions using blockchain to serve the general public,” said WeBank’s executive vice president and chief information officer, Henry Ma.

WeBank and OpenNodes announced this initiative that is developed as a result of their association and plans to organize meetings such as workshops, hackathons, to raise awareness and create commitment to the projects that are being promoted in universities from Singapore 

The project platform this  was developed and established during 2016, in its initial phase it had the contribution of the 20 main Chinese fintech companies. The next year the project it became open source, and its membership stand up Tencent, Huawei and WeBank, and more than 100 firms too.