Singapore resumes tourism activities under strict biosecurity measures

Singapore tourism companies began activities as part of the second phase of reviving the national economy after the social isolation measures.

The government allowed the renewal of tourism activities in the country since July 1st, under the condition of submitting to the main biosecurity standards established under SG Clean protocols.

The SG Clean quality mark is acquired after an official evaluation based on the verification of the requirements for sanitation and hygiene standards.

To access the evaluation, they must contact the respective agencies or designated evaluators who will provide details of the process to obtain it.

Also, all tour operators must present their reopening plan to the Singapore Tourism Board, showing an effective implementation of these biosafety measures.

This plan should provide a safe and reliable environment for both clients and workers of tourism companies.

Tour operators should ensure that safe distance is maintained, good personal hygiene practice, use of face masks, frequent hand washing, and the use of hand sanitizers.

In addition to this, as part of these measures, all tourist services are limited to executing their activities at a percentage of their operational capacity in this initial phase of resumption.

The purpose of this initiative is to prevent the further spread of Covid-19, which already has 44,122 infections and 26 deaths in the country.

Tourism has been one of the most affected sectors since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Therefore, measures are being taken to restart tourism activities gradually and cautiously on a national scale.