French soft wheat shipments decline

French soft wheat shipments decline

French soft wheat shipments outside the European Union in December fell from a season’s high the previous month as exports to China eased, according to a Reuters report based on Refinitiv data.

According to Refinitiv data, soft wheat exports to destinations outside the EU totaled 797,000 tons in December, the sixth month of the 2020-21 season. That was below the 877,000 tons recorded in November, although December’s total was still the second-largest so far this season.

China was the largest importer of French soft wheat outside the EU for a third straight month in December, accounting for 271,300 tons.

France has shipped more than 1 million tons of wheat to China since July. Some expect exports to reach 2 million tons during the whole season.

French soft wheat last expectations

Last November, the forecast for French soft wheat exports outside of EU countries was revised upward by FranceAgriMer.

In the previous June 11 report, FranceAgriMer projected non-EU exports from France this season to climb to 13.45 million tons from the 13.3 million estimated last month.

The projected exports for the 2019-20 season that ends on June 30, which would mark a record volume, would be 39.1% above 2018-19, FranceAgriMer’s cereal supply and demand data showed.

It marks the ninth straight month that FranceAgriMer has increased its non-EU export outlook for soft wheat. Last September, it forecast 11 million tons to be exported.

French exports have been boosted this season by supplies from a bumper 2019 harvest, reduced competition from top wheat exporter Russia, and strong demand from countries such as China and Morocco.

FranceAgriMer estimate for French soft wheat exports within the EU was 7.6 million tons, unchanged from the previous month.

Source: World of grain.

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