TraceTogether app will be upgraded for tourists

TraceTogether Tokens distribution will expand

The distribution of TraceTogether tokens will be progressively expanded to about 100 locations island-wide such as in malls and community centers.

More than 100,000 tokens have been collected since distribution kicked off on Sept 14 at 20 community centers and clubs in the Jalan Besar and Tanjong Pagar regions, the Smart Nation and Digital Government Group said on Sunday.

Collection points were rolled out at a further 18 community centers on Friday, while TraceTogether mobile booths will be deployed at various malls over the coming weeks.

The locally developed TraceTogether program helps with contact tracing efforts by identifying nearby tokens or phones with the app installed, enabling the authorities to identify a person’s close contacts if needed.

Senior Minister of State for Communications and Information Janil Puthucheary reiterated on Sunday the Government’s target of getting at least 70 percent of the population onto TraceTogether, without specifying how many tokens the Government is aiming to distribute.

The TraceTogether tokens program since its start

The TraceTogether app has been downloaded about 2.4 million times to date, which would represent around 40 percent of Singapore’s population, adding that the Government is making the use of the app or token compulsory for large gatherings and higher-risk activities as Singapore opens up.

Minister Janil said: “Many of the seniors I met today in the queue actually had looked upon the TokenGoWhere website… but we hope that the booths will also reach out to people who would not naturally look it up online”.

“And that’s the key issue. It’s to make sure we have access to as many segments of our Singapore population as possible.”

The app already allows users to scan SafeEntry QR codes, while the token comes with its own QR code that can be scanned for entry, similar to how the process works with the bar code on identity cards.

Source: Strait Times

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