Types of wine and how they are characterized

Types of wine and how they are characterized

There are many types of wine. These, in addition to their appearance and taste, have other aspects that characterize them and make them very special drinks.

With this guide, you will not find which is the best wine in the world, since that depends on the taste of each one.

The best thing is that you know the difference between each type of wine to know which one best suits your tastes or the type of event for which you are going to use it.

Types of wine

White wine

Most of these types of wine are made with green grapes. Depending on the production and fermentation process, the result can be dry white wine, sweet white wine, or sparkling white wine.

Chardonnay: this grape is the most cultivated in the world, so you can find countless flavors in this type of wine. Its main characteristic is that it has a fruity flavor.

Sauvignon Blanc: Unlike the previous one, this type of white wine is drier and its tones are more herbal or floral, depending on the region and the production process.

Riesling: This wine was born on the banks of the Rhine, a river that crosses Europe between countries such as Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Champagne: As such, champagne is only native to the homonymous region in France, although you will surely find champagne created elsewhere, if you want the original, it has to be from this region; the rest are just sparkling wines.

Rosé wine

These types of wine are known as Rosé. This characteristic color can be obtained with different production techniques:

Contact for a short time with the skins (or peels) of black grapes, due to ‘bleeding’ (when a part of the red wine is removed during its fermentation

And the least accepted technique by experts … mixing red wine with white (no, please). All of them should be served cold, between 6 and 10 ° C is ideal. In addition, it is very common for a rosé wine to find several types of grapes in a single bottle.

The variants of this wine, in some cases, are very similar to those of red wine (at least in the name), these are the four most popular.

Cabernet: it is characterized by being a little drier than the rest. Ideal to accompany salads, white meat, seafood, and yes, also with red meat.  

Pinot Noir: this type is fruitier and commonly has a lower alcohol content. Its flavor is considered very versatile since it is the perfect combination for those who do not like the bitterness of the red.

Tempranillo: To accompany your desserts this summer it is the ideal, it is aromatic and light. The name is given because this type of grape ripens a little ‘earlier’ than the rest of the grape varieties.

Sparkling rosé: the finest ones also come from the Champagne region, however, they are made in many other regions. Most are with fruity flavors so you can accompany them with your summer brunch. 

Red Wine

What makes these types of wine so special are the tannins that are extracted from the grape skins during the fermentation process and the special aging that occurs in wooden barrels, to then age them for a long time in the bottles.

Cabernet: It is a traditional wine with an herbal taste, due to the level of tannins it has, and a more complete flavor than other red wines.

Cabernet Sauvignon: It is the most famous of the family of reds, distinguished by its fragrance and strong flavor.

Grenache: named for the type of grape with which it is made: the grenache or granacha, one of the most cultivated in the world. The vineyards where this wine is most produced are in California, France, Spain and Australia.

Malbec: one of the most popular wines from France and Argentina. Its grapes are of strong structure and rich in tannins. When tasted, its flavor becomes fruity, like blackberries or plums.

Merlot: another French wine, although it is also popular in northern Italy. It is one of those with the highest alcoholic content, with a fruity and spicy aroma.

Pinot Noir: It is one of the most difficult wines to grow, as it is only made with one kind of grape, and it is not recommended to mix them with another kind of fruit, which happens with other drinks.

As you will see, there are many types of wine that you can enjoy. Have you already decided on your favorite?

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