Wine labels why are they so important

Wine labels: why are they so important?

On the wine labels, we can find angels, beautiful Argentine or Italian mountains; hidden stories in them, and these labels can help you find the wine you are looking for in your favorite store.

For the world of wine to work, it is necessary to have certain regulations that take care of us as consumers. These protect from the creation process to the way the wine is presented to us and reaches our hands; In other words, there are also rules for wine labels!

Could it be that this wine that you take home today will be the right one? Learn to decipher the label.

The information included on wine labels

There are several segments that makeup wine labels, you will see that every detail is important and by learning to decipher them you will be able to choose the wine that suits your tastes and needs.

Brand or name of the wine

These are easy to recognize; they are the names that normally always stand out on wine labels; it can be in a romantic typeface or something more elegant. The important thing is that it is in their personalized designs that they convey the spirit of the brand to us, they also give us two key clues; who is the creator and the name of the wine we have in our hands.

When it comes to checking the wine labels, if the name of the brand is well known, it can tell you about its good quality and if you don’t recognize it; it can be a good opportunity to know something new.

Denomination of origin or D.O.

This part of the wine labels mentions the name of the natural area that has given life to our wine. In old world wines (Europeans) it is very common to find it on the label, do you know names like Rioja or Emilia Romagna? This is because they are wine regions that for many years have dazzled the palates of the whole world and have become something like a quality seal.

Grape type

This is the type of grape that your wine is made of, some of the best known are: bobal, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, cabernet sauvignon blanc, merlot, malbec, chardonnay.

It can tell you a lot about the characteristics of your wine; for example, pinot noir takes first place as the white of red grapes for giving life to very smooth red wines.

Harvest year

Strong wind and an arid land like La Rioja in Spain can give grapes the power to create a wine that is unforgettable and conquers the palate of the world’s greatest experts.

The work of nature is essential and that is why the natural conditions in which our wine was harvested have a lot to do with the personality it will have.

Importance of wine labels

The labels, as you may have understood by now, should show the basic information about the wine. All of this is necessary, but it is also part of the aesthetics of all content. It is the overall impression that can be seen of the bottle when looking at it on a shelf in a store or in a restaurant.

Let’s say that this global aesthetic allows a first presentation and approach of the consumer, to get to know each other “face to face” through the information contained in the label.

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